About Joy Shepard Baldridge


Joy believes that our lives are to be lived artfully as unique, ever dynamic, expanding masterpieces.  She delights in helping individuals and groups delve boldly into possibilities from the fullness of their beings. Together they excavate, explore and DISCOVER MORE of their authentic selves; and from this deep, authentic place, live lives of choice.SuperNovaWithtext

Joy is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching.  A dedicated, life-long seeker of truth, she has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, and continues to read extensively in the world of ideas and the fields of Applied Positive Psychology, personal development, leadership, and spirituality.

A versatile, professional classical singer, she has performed at a variety of events and venues (including singing the National Anthem at a Seattle Mariners game and as the featured soloist with the Pacifica Chamber Orchestra).

She has a professional background as a software developer.

Joy lives with her husband and their two precious basset hounds (Stella and Clarice) in beautiful rural Western Washington.

For more information about Joy’s Coaching go to DiscoverMoreLifeCoaching.com

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