The Treasure Hunt That Is You

Have you ever found yourself paralyzed by indecision, lack of clarity, and/or overwhelm?  Do you feel that you have to have a perfectly defined and detailed goal with a well-defined path before you can make progress?  You’re certainly not alone.  I’ve been there too; best case, it’s draining.  In chronic cases this paralysis can even turn in on itself, imploding into angst and depression.  What a waste of life energy — all in the name of the “noble” quest of getting it right!  Or is it more the fear of getting it wrong? 

Having had my fill of wrestling with this, I decided to try something different; and that something has made all the difference.  I discovered that letting go of the need for certainty and allowing myself to hear, heed, and trust the sometimes hazy, but always steadfast calling of my heart makes it possible to take steps in the general direction.   Some steps gradually reveal useful information; others unearth major epiphanies.   In any case, with each step it becomes more evident that this process has a trial and error flavor and is akin to conducting a series of experiments, the conclusions of which point to the next step or steps to take.   Moving forward at the behest of intuition and reaching deep within for courage and faith, it becomes abundantly clear that this journey is less like a trip with itineraries and predetermined destinations than it is a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt that can access the unknown and serve up gifts that far surpass anything heretofore desired, imagined, or dreamed.

So check in with yourself.  Is there something calling you that you are squelching out of fear?  These calls are not impulses; they are patient and persistent.  Though they can be ignored, they don’t go away.  You can tell the difference when you really listen.  Treasure hunts are fun!  So what are you waiting for?

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