Perspectives of a Philosopher/Coach: Introduction

Happy New Year!  Welcome to the launch of my bi-weekly blog: Perspectives of a Philosopher/Coach
In this blog I share some of the fruits of my exploration in
◦Wellbeing and Happiness;
◦Full Engagement, Productivity, and Peak Performance;
◦Motivation, Goals, and Self-Actualization;
◦Culture; as well as
◦How these are all integrally connected.
Pretty compelling topics, right?  The basis for my writings includes my rigorous training and experience as a Life Coach; formal education in philosophy; decades of study and avid reading of topics from the fields of Applied Positive Psychology, Personal Development, Neuroscience, and Organizational Development; and my continuing voracious consumption of information from these disciplines.  My focus will be on how to apply what I’ve gleaned to every aspect of our lives, with particular emphasis on our professional lives.  I am committed to imparting my perspectives to readers in a way that delivers value, inspiration, food for thought, and insight.
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